There is strong competition in the gambling sphere, so the owners of gaming establishments use the best techniques. The use of bonuses is the most powerful weapon in the battle for the player. There are many varieties of them. For example, no deposit, for account replenishment or free spins. There are also subspecies, such as bonus code. You can get it only after entering a special code.

Casino bonus codes: what is it and how does it work?

Previously, there were a lot of them, but their conditions were questionable. They misled the players, making it impossible to withdraw winnings. But the situation has improved significantly with increasing pressure from licensing authorities. Now there are a lot of options with fair terms of use and wagering. They can really benefit every gamer.

On the first options are available already when creating an account. Fortunately, this process takes 2-3 minutes. You need to click on the “Sign up” button and select the desired bonus. provides different options to satisfy the request of each player. 

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The screenshot below shows what offers for beginners. Each of the options will help gamers increase their capital and cheer them up.

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Then fill out the short registration form and log in to your personal account. You’ll find a separate section with bonuses in the convenient menu. awards not only to beginners, but also to regular users.
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The welcome bonus on is issued for the first deposit and registration. The player receives 125% and 100 free spins in the games of the provider Mr.Slotty. The maximum amount is 100 euros. The bet limit is 5 euros maximum, the wager is 40x. The bonus offer is active for 7 days. At this time, you cannot withdraw funds from the account.

One more gift is also given for the second deposit, which is 75% and 100 free spins in slots of the same developer. The maximum amount of the award is 200 euros. The minimum deposit is 25 euros. The maximum bet is 5 euro, the wagering is the same as for a welcome gift.

And finally, the bonus for the third deposit: 50% + 100 free spins in emulators from Mr.Slotty. The maximum gift is 300 euros. The remaining conditions are the same as in the previous offers.

How to use bonus casino codes to win a lot of money?

Let’s look at exactly how the chances of winning increase when using it. The number of different features and game options that you can try out at their expense increases. All because bonuses increase your amount up to 400% of the money you deposit with your card.

You can use money in different games. Free spins allow you to play only in slots. Then the winnings can be scrolled in entertainment such as roulette, blackjack or poker. Usually, a small bet per spin is placed in gift free spins. Therefore, additional money looks like a more attractive option.

Players also need to monitor the condition of each offer. You need to pay attention to the wager (wagering). It’s the amount that you’ll have to unscrew to be able to withdraw winnings from the bonus. The optimal value is x10-30. Remember that the wager for no deposit rewards is usually too high – from x50 to x100, which practically eliminates the possibility of winning them back and withdrawing. It’s a trick, but what can you do – you’re not risking anything anyway.

Wagering can be extended to the bonus amount or the deposit + promo. It’s essential because if the wager is attractive, for example – x20, but the D + B scheme works, then the probability of its successful unscrewing is sharply reduced.

Finally, look at how the bonus contribution works, in other words, where you can win it back. Casinos often limit the possibility of wagering wagers only to slot machines, eliminating blackjack, roulette and other entertainment.

How to choose online slots and use casino online bonus codes?

The most profitable games in casinos with instant payouts are those in which it’s possible to reduce the advantage of a gambling establishment to a minimum. These include some versions of video poker, blackjack, craps and some slot machines.

Guests of the gaming portals most often pay attention to the level of return (RTP). It’s indicated as a percentage and demonstrates the bet’s part that the slot returns to the gamer. The higher the theoretical return, the more profitable the game on this slot machine.

RTP manifests itself only over a long time period. Therefore, it may differ from the level declared by the manufacturer for a single gaming session. Online casino visitors can launch machines with a return rate of 96-97%. There are also games with higher RTP values on 

It’s also vital for players to take into account its volatility. High volatility indicates that the slot gives out rare but large winnings. Devices with low volatility issue frequent but give small amount of payments.

When choosing a slot, it’s important to take into account its functionality. Smartphone owners are more suited to devices adapted to the small size of the touch screen. There are machines with an automatic start of the reels for users who don’t want to constantly press the «Spin» button. 

If you choose a weak PC for betting or use a low-speed Internet, the optimal solution will be a device with low requirements for the quality of communication and device performance. Only in this case, the gambler is guaranteed the most comfortable gameplay.

Where to find a website with the best casino bonuses?

The best gaming establishments give different gifts during the registration and for further active use of the website. One of such sites is Here you’ll find the best games and generous presents. You can find out about all the offers in our blog. Follow its news and you’ll apply the most profitable offers.

Understanding casino bonuses

Any gifts in this sphere are known as effective marketing tools. And they really are. They attract more and more players to the gambling website, and everyone wins. The casino is expanding its base, and the player can get additional benefits. It can be free money and free things provided in some cases, such as your first deposit or your lucky deposit on the days of the week and much more.

However, each bonus has its own characteristics. They can be both your advantage and your loss. Read the casino bonus terms carefully, and then you’ll succeed. And if you hurry, you probably won’t notice the wagering conditions.

Types of casino bonuses

It’s not easy to understand their benefits for the first time, so we suggest considering them in more detail. We have divided all types of rewards for casino players by type for your convenience:

Sign Up BonusIt’s intended for visitors who have just registered.
No Deposit BonusIt’s credited to the player’s account immediately after installing the casino program and registering an account for playing for real money.
Deposit BonusYou definitely need to deposit some amount to your gaming account to get it.
First Deposit BonusIt’s credited as the first replenishment of the account by a beginner.
Sticky BonusYou can use it only for the game but you can’t withdraw it.
Recurrent BonusIt maintains the customers’ interest in the institution and stimulate their desire to play more actively.
Monthly, Weekly, Weekend BonusesThese can be types of deposit bonuses linked to specific days of the week or month.
Referral BonusSome establishments pay generous bonuses for each newcomer, others are limited to symbolic amounts.
Cash Back BonusIt’s paid as compensation to the losing clients, and its amount is usually some part of the loss.

Any funds that the casino charges you won’t be able to cash out immediately. They need to be played on your favorite device before withdrawing funds. The player needs to make a certain number of bets. It is called a wager. While you are trying to win back your bonus, the amount will be greatly reduced because the institution always has advantages. But you have a choice — accept bonuses and spend time to win them back or enter your own funds into the game, which can be used without any restrictions. It’s very convenient because you won’t depend on the gambling establishment. Otherwise, bonuses are a nice gift that the casino brings to the players.

What is the best casino bonus you’ve ever got upon registration?

Bonuses help casinos to be competitive in the gaming market. They usually offer them after making a deposit or without it. We recommend that you play with deposit bonuses according to their reasonable betting requirements. But the most important thing is to read the rules before using them. You can get into an unfortunate situation if you don’t read the terms and spend a lot of time on wagering.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

Everything depends on your initial goal in this matter. Bonuses can give you extra money or spins. However, it’s worth reading the betting requirements. Sometimes they are so unprofitable that you can get much more without using bonuses. We also don’t recommend using bonuses for those who want to experience the casino website. You’ll need to win them back, and it’s only suitable for long-term use.

Should I get the bonuses while playing online casino?

At first, all gamers are delighted with the prizes they receive when registering. But think carefully before taking any of them. For example, a movie game makes a small contribution to the bonus. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend you to use it. In any case, carefully study the conditions whenever you are dealing with bonuses.

How to choose the best casino bonuses?

Any encouragement and gifts are always posted on the banners on casinos’ websites. But there is a more convenient way to view the offers of all of them. On Mentor Casino website, you’ll read reviews, promotions and games from the most honest and reliable casino data sources. Such sites save you time. Here you can always find out about the best offers, so try to follow the news.

How to claim casino bonuses?

It’s better to remember a few important rules before choosing an online casino bonus:

  1. Don’t believe the bright and loud headlines. For example, you may see free spins bonuses on deposit and think it’s a great option. In fact, they have higher requirements than interest-bearing deposit bonuses. You usually get double the amount after you top up your account with the latter. This option deprives you of unnecessary illusions but pleases you with bonus money.
  2. Remember about wagering. It’s essential for every gamer to read the terms of bonuses. Some people think they will immediately receive and withdraw winnings by applying the bonus. But it’s not the case. If the bonus needs to be wagered a certain number of times, according to the conditions, you won’t be able to receive money to your personal accounts until you fulfil these conditions.
  3. Remember the deadlines. Bonus terms may have a limited term, so it’s vital to have time to do everything before it ends.
  4. Study the deposit requirements. The fact is that there are usually many ways to replenish the game balance. Each of them assumes its own minimum amount. Therefore, it’s important to look at this data in advance and understand how you’ll use it. You’ll receive a bonus only if the deposited amount meets the requirements of a specific payment method.

Casino bonuses pros and cons

For some, a bonus is an additional amount that stimulates further play, and for some, it’s an amount of money that a person doesn’t pay any attention to when playing and doesn’t seek to receive them. Despite this, players appreciate bonuses as a pleasant addition to online casinos services. We can highlight a few pros and cons of casino bonuses.

Bonuses increase the game moneyBonuses are often tied to the rules that must be followed, otherwise you will not withdraw the winnings.
You can extend the game and not pay for it by applying the bonusIt’s not always convenient for players if bonuses have a deadline
Usually the bonus indicates the high popularity of the game
There are bonuses without betting requirements in modern online casinos

Sticky bonuses versus non-sticky bonuses

Here are the pros and cons of these gifts to understand whether you should activate one of them. 

Sticky BonusesNon-sticky bonuses
They are not as great as non-sticky bonus offersThe amount that can be obtained is usually very large
✔No wagering requirements: forget about these x30 or x40You can withdraw non-sticky bonuses after the conditions are done
There is no need to play any particular game, and you can spend this bonus in almost any gameA non-sticky bonus is always required to be wagered, so get ready to play for large bets
Usually contain higher amounts of bonus money.A non–sticky casino bonus is usually only available on certain software — not in all games.
You can use this bonus only for the game, but you cannot withdraw itNon-sticky bonuses may also contain free spins.

What are games contributions and are they important? 

It seems that board games are the best choice for getting a bonus with the least possible losses. But casino owners understand that players will take advantage of bonuses by choosing the best games. Then game fees come into play because they reduce the amount that goes to the passage of the game. The trick with betting requirements is to make bonuses profitable for the casino. That’s why the betting requirements usually specify how many times the amount of money deposited must be played before the withdrawal of money becomes possible.

At the same time, bonuses can be cashable or not, tied to specific games, have restrictions on the maximum amount of bets when playing with a bonus, etc. All betting requirements must be clearly stated in the Terms of Use and presented to the players in order to eliminate possible misunderstandings. Read the terms carefully. Then you’ll easily understand which offers are worth your attention and which are not.

Tips on getting the most value out of your bonus

There’s one more important thing when you decide to register on the online casino website. Awareness plays an important role here. You need to understand the basic concepts and know different pitfalls in order to be able to make the right decisions.

For example, you need to study:

  1. What are sticky/unsticky bonuses. The first one cannot be withdrawn from the account, so it’s worth knowing this before accepting the bonus.
  2. What games do you have the right to play with a bonus?
  3. Which type of slot machine best suits your needs. It’s better to do some research and keep in mind when choosing an online casino bonus code.

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These are just a few examples. In fact, you need to be constantly interested in gambling articles if you often play at the casino. This will give you an advantage in any game.

Why do online casinos have so many bonuses?

All gambling establishments use them to promote their platforms. It gives an influx of new users, so all the gifts usually pay off. You should treat bonuses exactly as gifts and not earnings. It’s essential to find a balance between receiving bonuses and discipline.

What does minimum deposit mean?

It’s the amount that the player needs to deposit to receive the bonus. The limit on the entire deposit amount is set only by the casino, and it may vary — depending, for example, on the payment method you choose to replenish this account. The whole point here is that different payment systems charge different commissions from the company-owner of the gambling establishment for absolutely every payment made by the client of the gambling establishment. And at the same time, the smaller this commission, the weaker the minimum deposit can be made using such a payment system.

Can I use different payment methods to claim a bonus?

Yes, modern online casinos have an extensive list of ways to deposit and withdraw funds. It helps players save on commissions and makes the gambling establishment more popular.

Conclusion about casino bonuses

Gambling establishments offer players a wide range of games they can have fun playing. It’s exciting and hard to try your luck in all games, having a lot of games. Fortunately, the online casino has everything. When a new game appears, the gambling establishment offers gamers exclusive offers. It’s an exciting thing that pushes you to try something new. Bonuses perfectly help to expand the possibilities in this case. Casino bonuses are essential marketing tools to attract new players. Any of their varieties have become an excellent opportunity to multiply the gamers’ winnings without risk to themselves.

No deposit bonuses are considered ideal for beginners, as they give you the opportunity to try games on the casino websites without depositing your own funds. Cashback help cheer up players when they fail. Some types of bonuses are provided only to beginners. Gamers should take this into account before giving preference to a bonus. But in order to apply bonuses correctly, you need to be well versed in online casino topics and types of bonuses. Follow the news of our blog, and you’ll be able to get the maximum benefit from any casino bonus!

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