The first thing that helps a novice gambler avoid deception is understanding what tricks can be waiting for him at online casino sites. Many players simply rely on fortune, but it’s not enough. When scammers come into play in this business, you can forget about luck altogether. Here you will learn about the possible tricks of the most skilful scammers and will be able to avoid mistakes in the future.

How players are deceived: casino cheats and scams

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Although the choice of online casinos continues to grow, not all of them are conscientious. And to avoid deception, a gambler needs to have an understanding of what the catch may be. The top fraudulent tricks in the vastness of online casinos include:

  • Refusal to pay. When the devices give users a big jackpot, they lose their heads with happiness. But, it’s too early to rejoice — now the gambler needs to pass verification. This process is scarier than many nightmares: a lot of documents and identity certificates are required from the player. But even when the player manages to collect the entire list, the player is rejected because of the poor quality of the photo. This can go on for several days. If this is a scam, then why are they responding at all? — This is used to ensure that the user is in a gambling state and continues to invest his money in video slots. If the gambler managed to confirm his identity, unscrupulous operators can pull off a new chip. They block the account and say that the IP address is not a real one, that is, a duplicate. The list of reasons can be endless.
  • Changing video slot settings. Upgrading the settings of video slots has become one of the easiest ways not to win. It’s easy to pull it off using scripted slots or hacked software. The operator gets access to the program code since all settlement operations take place on the side. It leads to the fact that RTP indicators fall by 10-20%.
  • Unfair bonuses. In this scheme, the scammers charge the player such bonuses that it’s impossible to win back for several reasons:
  1. The maximum bid is greatly underestimated. There is a point in the bonus description by which a gamer must wager it without exceeding a particular bet. When the bet is reduced to the maximum allowable value, the user will not physically win back bonuses and collect the funds won.
  2. Limited wagering time. Gamblers receive a huge amount of bonuses, but the time period given for wagering is very short. As a result, users simply do not have time to use the funds. Some platforms also have a no deposit bonus. First you need to activate it, and then win it back in a certain period (for example, in 1 hour).
  3. The list of slot machines for wagering bonuses is significantly narrowed. Only a few video slots are connected to the bonus program. These are often slots with the lowest percentage of returns, which makes it impossible to win back money. In some cases, the process of winning back bonuses is delayed. It also happens that operators specifically don’t allow slots from the list, explaining this by ongoing technical work or equipment problems.

Possible fraud

When creating an unfair casino, you need to spend no less effort and money than when creating any business. Therefore, scammers use an easier way. They look at any honest casino with a good reputation and copy the site in everything: colour, website design, and so on. They also choose the most similar domain. Only attentive users can notice a fake. For example, the main page and the registration form’s name and design are the same. And other links and transitions on the site are not working (not clickable). But not all users pay attention to such points. This scheme is designed for distracted users who log in to the playground through a link received in the browser output. The player discovers that there is no transition and leaves to look for another site by entering their data. And the data falls into the hands of scammers, and they can withdraw money from the user’s account.

There is another type of fraud. Online casino scammers offer a paid registration for the game. The player is ready to play and leave money in the casino, and he is also offered to register for it for a fee! After paying for registration, the scammers ask a victim to wait for some time and say a letter with instructions on «activating the player status» (or something similar) will be sent to the email address. Of course, the scammers don’t send any letters!

Online live casino cheats: how not to become a victim of fraud?

To avoid getting caught by scammers in the field of online casinos, you should choose only time-tested platforms. It is difficult for beginners to understand what criteria to make this choice. If in doubt about the platform, pay attention to the following points:

  • Licence. This is the first thing a gambler should pay attention to when selecting an online live casino. A virtual casino with a licence has a significant advantage: all gaming software on its site must also be licenced. Certification of slot machines is a separate direction in the gambling industry. The manufacturer passes a mandatory check before offering an online casino slot machine.
  • Domain. Domain verification is a great way to check the integrity of the casino. There is a special WhoIs service for this. Here you can see the owner’s contact details. The information on the WhoIs site must match the information about the owner on the casino site itself. Check the data before choosing an online casino.
  • Website and a selection of games. Software in online casinos plays an important role. The choice of gambling entertainment and the reliability of the gameplay depend on the platform used. A good platform should have no errors when loading pages and the availability of round-the-clock technical support. If you spend more than three hours a day at an online casino, choose a platform with a user-friendly interface. An additional plus is the availability of a mobile application and a downloadable desktop client.
  • A selection of gambling games. A good casino has a wide range of games: slots, roulette, poker, card and table games. The choice depends on the player’s preferences. Licenced establishments are offering only slot machines, which is enough for many gamblers. Another modern direction is Online Live Casino, where there is an opportunity to play with real dealers.
  • Reputation. Although reviews can be fake, absolutely everything is impossible to fake. If an online casino operates dishonestly and is famous for fraudulent actions, it will appear somewhere on the Internet. 

The online casino meets all the most important requirements for a high-quality platform, for which users adore it. There are many positive reviews about this resource on the World Wide Web. BiamoBet has an official licence of Curaçao, so gamers don’t worry about their money safety here. The platform is available in different languages. This means that players can enjoy a wide range of slots without saying a word in English. In addition, you can pay for online casinos in any currency. The Internet provides an opportunity to convert each currency in real-time. This saves players time and money.

When gambling in an online casino, you will always understand how much money you have. This is clearly visible in the game interface of the emulsifier. In a real gambling house, customers are forced to buy chips that may not look like the money they paid for these tokens to the player. Without knowing the real chips, players tend to lose more than they plan. 

On users are always confident in the purity of the service policy. In a separate section, there are clearly prescribed rules. If they are followed, a gambler won’t have any problems with registration, withdrawal of funds and other actions. The transparent policy and constant user support have made the service so popular.

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